White Eagle Dance

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White Eagle Dance


Leïla Da Rocha ⭐ Patrick Dupond

International Ballet


Leïla Da Rocha & Patrick Dupond created at Bordeaux in 2016 the international professional
program for dancers based on values of non-discrimination.
In 2021 the Ballet Leïla Da Rocha ⭐ Patrick Dupond opened in Soissons.

"Nothing ever ends, everything continues"
A video of the class 2020

Watch the teaser
Forme géométrie.


Founded by the International Choreographer Leïla Da Rocha, the Ballet has the “Etoile” Patrick Dupond as its prestigious ambassador to infinity.
“A Star I am, a Star I will remain”


Leïla Da Rocha and Patrick Dupond decided to "dream" a new world into reality by celebrating their art and the excellence that their respective disciplines require.

Who are we?

We are proud to be the first company to dance with a view to advocate causes that impact the world today: "Dance for a cause".
The Ballet aims to support the cause of Human Rights throughout the world. The company's repertory enables the dancers to bring forward a message of hope, love and tolerance.

Learn moreFlèche.
Danses. Cadre gold.

Leïla Da Rocha

Leïla draws the strength of her creations from movement and the use of sacred geometry by the body. Her works are imbued with many influences.

Discover the route Flèche.
Leïla Da Rocha. Cadre gold.

Patrick Dupond

Patrick Dupond distilled the elixir of his 40-year career with passion and love in both collective and individual teaching.

Discover the careerFlèche.
Patrick Dupond. Cadre gold.


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